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This is a window on my profesional activities.
You can contact me for any question at the joined e-mail adress, on your left.

I mainly work today as translator, but my universitary course in economics and my love for variety have made a jack of all trades of me, in mutlimedia and publishing. I am working from local to worldwide. This page presents the main references of my career so far.

Wishing you to find here what you are searching for, I leave you on some words from Phil Gordon, author of several poker books, who kindly underlined the quality of my involvement in the translation of his last bestseller.

Looking forward to read you.
Sebastien Garlot

"I would like to thank my french translator, Sebastien Garlot. His great efforts insure the french players that this version of the book is even better than the english one. Sebastien did a remarkable job and spared no pain helping me to correct some slight problems, picked up in the original text."

Phil GORDON (re-translated from french), 2012 may, french launch of his last book : The Little Gold Book (FV : Masterclass pour le poker 2.0).

Link to the full interview (french) : Pokerlistings
Phil Gordon

Main achievements as translator

Masterclass pour le poker 2.0/P.Gordon/MA Editions/2012

Poker No-Limit Texas Hold'em : tome 2 pratique et analyses des mains/Micro Application/2007 Poker No-Limit Texas Hold'em : tome 1 leçons et techniques avancées/Micro Application/2007 Poker No-Limit Texas Hold'em : la première donne/Micro Application/2007 Poker, gagnez en tournois 3/MA Editions/2012 Poker, gagnez en tournois 2/MA Editions/2011
Poker, gagnez en tournois 1/MA Editions/2011 Kill Elky 3/MA Editions/2011 Kill Elky/MA Editions/2009 Gus Hansen : Chaque main révélée/MA Editions/2008 Full Tilt Poker guide stratégique/Micro Application/2007 Poker Mindset/Micro Application/2008

Achievements as author

Musique et MP3/Micro Application/2006

MP3/Micro Application/2005 WebEditor 6/Micro Application/2005 Trouvez l'âme soeur sur Internet/Micro Application/2004 Décrochez le job de vos rêves/Micro Application/2004

Main achievements as webmaster/webdesigner

Lavérune FRTT/2014 Pierre Andissoa/2011 Ocean Breeze/2013
Laurynail/2012 Caroline Depoil/2004 Les Marvellous Pig Noise/1999-2010
Marianne Cambournac/2005 Les parrains de la plume/2005 Portail Autobooster/1999

Other references

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with Micro Application/MA Editions

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